Welcome to the North County Model Railroad Society website.  

The North County Model Railroad Society is located at:

230 Peyri Dr, Oceanside, CA 92058  Click here for a map. We are open on Saturdays from 10 am until 3 pm. The club welcomes your visit which is free but we do welcome donations.

We have a separate room with a layout for young people to run trains with space for up to four at once.

NOTE: Our legal address is 220 Peyri Rd. but there is no mail box for that location and a GPS places you at the corner of the park, 230 places you at the entry.

You may contact us by emailing info@ncmrs.org

We hope to see you there in the future and we now have the whole layout working.

Please look at the pictures below to seen some of the interesting activities that are going on.


We have about 40 enthusiastic members with many different skills. If you are considering building your own layout being a member is a good way all the skills required. Membership costs $25 a month.

Bonsall West Elementary School came to visit Heritage Park

On Wednesday May 24th, the Bonsall West Elementary School came to visit Heritage Park.

Approximately 90 children and 30 adults came to the park, and visited the Trains For Kids and Railroad rooms, in small groups.  The children were energetic and noisy (to us old guys), but were well behaved.  They particularly enjoyed  the Trains For Kids room, where they were able to run Thomas, James, Hogwart’s Express (the Harry Potter train) and the Freedom train.

Bob B. Got into the spirit of the occasion.

Picture and write up by John B.

New tables for the park.

The City Of Oceanside purchased new picnic tables for Heritage Park.  The tables were delivered on Monday May 14th, and on the following Wednesday the tables were assembled our members.  Many members came to help, and by 11 o’clock the 6 tables were assembled, and looked good.  Eileen Turk from Oceanside Parks and Recreation was good enough to provide pizza for everyone, and this gave us an opportunity to try out the tables for the first time.


Rich B. inadvertently hits Frank with a plank.


Rick explains to Harold that it’s a bolt, not a nail


Chris examines the bottom of a seat


Frank plans his revenge on Rich B.


Rich L. doing something


Rick explains to Harold that it’s a bolt, not a nail (again)


Leo and Eddie try to figure out how Chris got his hand stuck


Frank built his upside down


Rich B. and Eddie didn’t get the message that it’s bolt, not a nail, again


No animals were harmed in the making of the tables (except Leo)


All tables stand to attention for final inspection


All done, time for pizza


The final product

Photographs and comments by John