County Model Railroad Society

Application Form


Welcome and thank you for considering joining NCMRS. Eligibility for
membership: Any person 18 years of age or older, of good character, and
dedicated to the purposes of this corporation shall, upon completion of a
probationary period, be eligible for regular membership upon acceptance of
his or her application by the membership committee and payment of such dues
and initiation fees as may from time to time be fixed by the board of
directors. Membership will include qualifying member together with spouse,
children, or grandchildren of the qualifying member. Until certified,
members or family members cannot operate trains on the main layout unless
directly supervised by a certified regular member. For additional
information visit


Primary Member Must be over 18 years


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Additional Member(s)


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The following information will help us
get to know you


How long have you been interested in
model railroads?



Do you have a scale preference?



Do you prefer modeling or operation?



Do you have any experience building a



Are you a member of any other modeling
groups including the National Model Railroad Association?



Tell us what you expect to gain or learn
from becoming a members of NCMRS



What do you think will be your strongest
contribution to NCMRS?



Check the areas of layout construction
that interest you






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On receipt of this application and payment of $25.00 you will be
accepted as a probationary member. Payment may be in cash or check made
payable to NCMRS. During you probationary period you will receive club
orientation and training that will qualify you to operate a train on the
main layout. At the discretion of the membership committee, probation may
be up to 90 days. Membership is $25.00 per month, payable on the first of
each month. Chronic late payment of dues may jeopardize operating privileges
or cause suspension of membership. Extended family membership includes
limited operating privileges.