A.J. Clark purchased the vacant property located at 704 N The Strand in Oceanside, CA  in 1925 and in January 1928, secured a permit to build 24 beach cottages. Each cottage contains 288 sq ft.  It contains 1- bedroom and 1- bathroom.

Clark’s Cottages DeLuxe, 704 The Strand North, circa 1929


Surf Motor Court, circa 1940


Roberts Cottages, the early 1940s


The Roberts sold the property in 1944 but the name has continued to the present day.

In 1957 the cottages were sold as single units marking the first time realtors used the “own-you-own” condo concept in California.  At that time, the beach-front units sold for $5,950, and the second-row units went for $5,250.

Roberts Cottages today


A unit sold for $750,000 in May 2021.

2022 summer rental rate starts at $1850 per week